About us and our fences

About us

We are a family owned Christchurch fence contracting business. We build timber, iron and 5-rib steel fences at competitive rates using the straightest timber we can find. We are proud of our professionalism, reliability and the quality of our fences. We design / build, repair, demolish and replace residential fences in and around Christchurch. 

Wooden framed fences

Our typical, modern, wooden framed fences have concreted in H 4 posts, H 3 rails and H 3.2 palings / boards / pickets. They are decay and insect resistant and long lasting. We built all of the fences you see below on wooden frames set in concrete.
wooden fence frame with posts set in concrete

Paling fences

The paling fence is the most popular and affordable residential boundary fence. You'll see them providing privacy between neighbors and on street frontages everywhere.  Advantages: Affordability, privacy. Options: 12  / 19 mm palings, cap / no cap, exposed posts / conventional. Typical configuration: 12 mm without a cap like this one:treated pine paling boundary fence
This one has exposed posts and a cap: paling fence with cap and exposed posts
This one has has a cap and a galvanised steel framed gate: paling-fence-with-cap-and-gate

Plain board fences

The plain board fence often with a cap and kick-board and a small gap between boards is common on street frontages. When the gap is 5 mm or less the householder can see out but passersby can't see in. These fences look great when the colors of the cap and boards match your roof / house colors. Advantages: Cosmetically attractive especially when painted, progressively private. Options: 19 / 23 mm boards, dressed / rough-sawn, Scotia, cap, kick-board, driveway returns and letterbox slot. Typical configuration: 23 mm boards, 5 mm gap between boards, rough-sawn, cap, kick-board & short driveway returns. This one has 19 mm dressed boards with a 5 mm gap between boards, Scotia, cap, kick-board, short driveway returns and letterbox slot:plain board fence with cap and kickboard and driveway return

This 1.6 M high fence looks smart with 19 mm dressed boards and a 10 mm gap between boards. It works well without either Scotia or kick-board.
dressed board fence with cap
This fence has 23 mm rough-sawn boards with a 5 mm gap between boards, cap, kick-board, short driveway returns and letterbox slot. The color is 'Iron Sand': plain board fence with cap, kickboard and driveway returns
This fence has 19 mm dressed boards, kick-board, matching cap and galvanized steel framed double gates: dressed board capped fence with double gates

Board and batten fences

Board and batten fencing is similar to a plain board fencing but built as two layers. The bottom or back layer has a deliberate space between boards which are overlaid by a top layer of batten boards. These can be the same width as the back boards for a symmetrical effect or narrower than the back boards creating a ridged appearance. Advantages: Cosmetically attractive especially when ridged, fully private, very durable. Options: 12 / 19 / 23 mm boards, symmetrical / ridged, dressed / rough-sawn, Scotia, cap, kick-board, driveway returns and letterbox slot. Typical configuration: 19 mm boards, symmetrical, rough-sawn, cap & short driveway returns. This one has 19 mm rough-sawn boards, is symmetrical and happens to be sitting on a retainer wall. rough-sawn board and batten fence

5-Rib steel fences

5-Rib steel fences are durable, low maintenance, pre-painted and look great from both sides. The steel comes in a range of colors designed to blend in with any setting. Advantages: Attractive, fully private, durable, low maintenance. Options: free standing / wooden framed, cap / no cap, a range of fashionable colors. Typical configuration: wooden framed, no cap. This one is wooden framed, has no cap and the color is Karaka:5-rib steel fence in Karaka5-rib steel fence on wooden frame

Post and rail fences

Post and rail fences complement the life style property and work well with pre-made wooden farm gates. Advantages: Strong, durable, affordable, rustic. Options: A variety of dressed / rough-sawn rails, Pine / Oregon, spacing between the rails, wooden farm gate / chain-link farm gate. Typical configuration: 1.6 M high, 150*43 mm rough-sawn rails, rounded posts, 175 mm diameter gate posts, 4.1 M wooden farm gate. This one is 1.6 M high, uses 150*43 mm semi-dressed rails screwed onto heavyweight posts. A 4.3 M wooden farm gate suspended from 175 mm Goldpine Superposts opens across the driveway: post and rail fence with dressed rails
This one on a reserve was post-and-rail but is now dog-proof using the original posts: scenic reserve fence built onto existing posts


Our custom gates are built onto galvanised steel frames and hang on fully adjustable gudgeons from laminated or standard post(s) set in extra strength concrete. Options: width, height, clad / open, drop-bolt, wheel(s), latching mechanism, swinging / sliding. Typical configuration: 1.1 M wide, swinging gate, the same height and cladding as the surrounding fencing, built on galvanised steel frames, hung on fully adjustable gudgeons from a standard or laminated post and secured with galvanized D-latch. If you need automation, we work with a specialist.
These double gates are built onto galvanized steel frames, hang from hefty rural posts on heavy duty, fully adjustabe through-post gudgeons and match the nearby board and batten cladding which has a trellis on top. large board and batten driveway gates with trellis driveway gates built on gavanized gate frames


We attach full or half height trellises to our standard fence frames or extend conventional fences with trellises. Options: There is a huge variety of horizontal and vertical trellis styles available. We fit trellises made to measure on your behalf by our supplier. Typical configuration: 400 mm high and sitting atop a conventional 1.5 or 1.8 M paling fence. This fence is being readied for attaching a 450 mm cross-hatched trellis:paling fence awaiting trellis